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Hello All!

The following Guidelines are for Parents/Coaches/Players and lists some points to think about and follow as we all have our roles in promoting the world’s most beautiful game.

Players (These are the areas all players of any age should try to focus on)

  1. First touch, it is the bread and butter of any soccer player.
  2. Communication on the field.
  3. Moving when you do not have the ball, always look to support.
  4. Accelerate to the ball, relax on contact.
  5. Always try to use both feet.
  6. Always try to keep your body over the ball, do not reach if you can help it.
  7. Attitude, keep it positive and listen to your coaches.
  8. Practice like you play because you will play like you practice.
  9. Fitness, you can’t do much if you can’t keep running.
  10. HAVE FUN

Coaches (Things all our coaches need to think about)

  1. You have a tremendous influence on your players do not ever forget that.
  2. Lead by example.
  3. Demonstrate technical examples.
  4. Continue to learn the game.
  5. Respect the game and respect the players.
  6. Do not place expectations on your players that you would not place on yourself.
  7. Your players must master the technical before they can learn tactical.
  8. Communicate clearly, calmly and effectively.
  9. Instill a passion into your players for the world’s beautiful game.
  10. HAVE FUN.

Parents (Things all our parents should remember)

  1. Never criticize a player, coach or referee.
  2. Support the efforts of your child and the coach.
  3. Do not coach from the sidelines.
  4. Shout encouragement until you loose your voice!!
  5. The child will forget the score in two minutes...if you let them.
  6. Focus on the positive aspects of your child’s game, work on the weaknesses.
  7. Let them have fun and just play.
  8. Your child will mirror your behavior.
  9. Instill a passion for the world’s greatest game.
  10. Come to the game five minutes early and just kick the ball around with your child, is there anything more important that you could possibly have to do? It will pay huge dividends down the road, which have nothing to do with soccer.

Play with passion!

Lou Nagy 
ASC Technical Director 

Drills by LTPD Stage

Active Start & FUNdamentals


Learn to Train


6 to 8 years old

8 to 10 years old

10 to 12 years old

12 to 14 years old

14 years or older

Additional Recommended Drills:

Mini Soccer

  • Mini Soccer Booklet
  • Soccer field
  • Blank house league practice sheet
  • Sample house league practice sheet (with drills)
  • Blank rep/select practice sheet
  • Sample rep /select practice sheet w. drills (pre-season)
  • Sample rep /select practice sheet w. drills (seasonal)


  • Warm-up drills / change of direction
  • Speed and control / movement with ball
  • Fun games


  • Pass and move
  • Synchronized passing
  • Advanced passing drills
  • Team passing drills


  • Shooting from different angles
  • Striking the ball while moving
  • Rapid fire shooting / advanced techniques
  • World Cup games / team drills
  • Basic skills required / basic technique
  • Protecting my area / shooting and movement drills
  • Mirror Drills
  • 2 versus 1 / closing down drills
Corner Kicks
  • Attacking and defending
Positional Play and Movement
  • Communication
  • Crosses and overlaps
  • Numbers game / midfield motion / team drills
Age Specific Stage of Development
  • Ancaster Soccer Club Technical Stages of Development



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