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Player Development

Our player development stream is geared to both recreational and competitive players. We cater to those who really want to be challenged and those who are just playing for fun.

First Level:  Soccer pups, this is for 3 and 4 year olds and their parents to get an introduction to fitness with a sprinkling of soccer skills as well.
Second Level:  Super tykes, this is for children 5 and 6 years old and we follow the LTPD matrix of dividing the time slots into comportments of skill building and playing the game, the emphasis  is heavily focused on training. Team sizes are kept very small and when they do scrimmage it is 3 v 3.
Third Level:  U8 -U12 in the house league and rep stream.  All children who wish to enter the rep stream are welcomed. We encourage house league players to attend a tryout/evaluation. Those children who choose to remain in house league stream would continue with the typical house league program and many of these children also participate in our academies. All house league and rep teams follow the LTPD guidelines of playing time, rosters, scheduling etc. The competitive players are trained as a group throughout the winter. We are continually working on a transition where the coaches work equally with the kids, there is no out right head coach or assistants. In addition, members of our competitive committee lend their expertise throughout the winter to make sure the kids are getting the best possible coaching. When the season begins all children are put on a main roster and then mixed during the season so that all players play with all other players. Results are not considered in selection process. The focus is total development of the players as a whole. We aim to develop players not teams.
Fourth Level: U8-U18 All Star: We offer All Star teams in all youth age categories dependent on the availability of certified coaches. This option creates a opportunity for House League players to experience soccer at a more competitive level and often transitions players from the house league stream to rep.
Fifth Level: U13-U18 & OPDL : Once players enter this stream, they are either under the OPDL entity or playing within our House or Rep leagues. For the children on the house league strand they continue much as they have in the younger age groups. In the competitive stream they now enter a more evaluative strand. There are try outs and there are designations of A and B teams. We continue to provide a number of higher level academies for these children which are geared to the both the rep and house league caliber player. We continue to monitor and assist the coaches at these higher levels to insure the principles of our program are maintained.
It is noteworthy that we do not just focus on player development on the field but off the field as well. We encourage players to maintain a level of resect and dignity in all facets of their lives.

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